Do pilots party a lot?

In the movie Flight, Denzel Washington parties all night and snorts coke. Then he drinks while flying! I know it's just a movie, but is there any truth to this? Seems like a bad idea!

Other answer:

Pilots do party as much or as little as any other normal people –
We have a rule… 8 hours from bottle to throttle – if drinking is involved –
Cannabis and other illegal drugs…? – I never touched any of that in my life –
Yet I always had a great time as a pilot with the crew and yes, had great time at parties –

What movies Hollywood makes about airplanes and airlines are a joke from A to Z –
If aviation advisors recommend scenarios to studios, they answer "not spectacular enough"…!

I sometimes see aviation movies –
And laugh at all erroneous situations they try to make their public believe –

A "good aviation movie" made in the 1980's was "Airplane" – an aviation "spoof" –
At least the public was laughing with reasons to laugh –
Was so ridiculous, typical Hollywood comedy…!

Mildred's people:
I'm glad you said "I know it's just a movie," that tells me that you have some common sense. So let me ask you this: In a profession where you have hundreds of people's lives in your hands, in a profession that is the epitome of "safety sensitive", ask yourself if it's reasonable that pilots would jeoprodize themselves and their passengers by snorting coke all night, not sleeping, and then drinking on the job. I won't say it's never happened, but you can be sure any pilot who does that doesn't remain a pilot for very long. Most of us our passionate about our jobs, and are equally committed to the level of safety it requires. At the very least, a pilot would get busted and never fly commercially again. At the very worst, he ends up killing himself and everyone onboard. Now, most pilots just aren't that reckless and stupid. But the silly "talented" Hollywood scene IS that reckless and stupid.

Some pilots may indeed party, but like Eric said, they do it far removed from flying duty. And I personally know of NO pilot who uses hard drugs like coke.

It depends on the pilot. There have been instances where a captain or first officer is arrested for being over the legal limit to fly an aircraft. But some pilots have been flying so much and been to the same city that they just want to go to the hotel and sleep or call their family.
John R:
Maybe in Russia….Airline pilots have to pass a physical every 6 months. Any serious substance abuse is going to be detected, and if that happens, bye bye medical certificate and bye bye paycheck.

Also keep in mind that it takes 15 years of commercial flying to have a decent shot at spot on the flight deck of an airliner. Much of that is flying with other pilots and copilots that do not have a death wish. As a result, someone that "parties" that much is unlikely to make it to the big leagues.

Pilots who want to keep their jobs don't do drugs.
yes ..2 years ago i was a pilot but now i realised i dont have a plane
Pilots who want to keep their jobs don't do drugs.
Pilots who want to keep their jobs don't do drugs.
yes ..2 years ago i was a pilot but now i realised i dont have a plane
Yeah we party