Do you have to drive miles in bumper to bumper traffic each day?

I am so sick of it that at times I feel like I just can't take it anymore! Bad drivers, rude drivers, lousy stinking road construction that never ends.

Best Answer:

Jamie: You are 65+. If you are not retired, do it. Once retired you don't need that heavy traffic crap any more.

Back when I did heavy traffic I …
(1) work commute was 3.7 miles one way or less for the last 35 years.
(2) driving the company van I was getting $30/hr. Stuck in traffic didn't bother me at all.
(3) if caught stuck in traffic, couldn't get back to the company garage in time, I got paid $45/hr overtime.
… and mostly …
(4) I rode a motorcycle in La La Land — waved at the cagers as I rode past them.

Bottom Line — it is *STUPID* to do that "bumper to bumper traffic" crap.

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I'm not silly enough to live in a big city.

Sometime I have to give way to logging truck or a tractor as I pull out on to the main road. That's what's classed as Heavy Traffic in these parts.

NO….i 'm in the country,,….No traffic Here
You should live closer to where you work.