Do you have to fill torgue converter with fluid on 2005 trailblazer after changing transmission?

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Yes. You fill it on the workbench and then put it on the tranny oil pump shaft and twist it while pushing in slightly to get it seated all the way. Don't use the bolts that secure the transmission to the motor to pull them together, The transmission should push up to the motor by hand or else the torque converter is not on the pump all the way and if you draw the tranny up to the motor using the bolts you will destroy the ATF pump.
Dan B:
No. Find out what the fluid capacity of the transmission is. Pour in about 80% of that amount. Start the engine and check fluid level. Add as necessary. This is presuming there is absolutely no transmission fluid in the transmission or torque converter after swapping the transmission. Some people will add fluid to the torque converter, but if you overfill it, it can get messy.
Been There, Done That.:
The transmission's internal pump will fill it. Just make sure the part that slides into the trans through a seal is greased, or the seal will be ruined.

Also, don't try driving the vehicle until you're SURE the correct fluid level is reached.

P.S. Also make sure the converter "seats" in the trans. Those notches on the end that slides in mate, then the converter will drop in about another .5 inch.

don r:
It will fill by itself, but check the atf level after the job is done. Do not overfill the transmission and make sure you use the right ATF.
Yes but only on tuesdays
no cause you can not drain the torque converter

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