Do you know anything about the extended warranty business for cars?

lately car shield is on tv a lot.

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Percyqted: No I never use them.
The general consensus is they cost a lot of money but are packed with exclusions which means when you come to claim you can't. Far better to put the monthly cost into a separate account and use as and when necessary.

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Extended warranties can be very unsatisfying, but it looks like Car Shield is about as good as it gets. See the source. seems fair about presenting complaints and positive reviews alike. Compare with the second source, the same site on Auto Shield.

In my opinion, they are all bad deals.

It really just depends on the terms of the warranty and how many issues you have. It does give you peice of mind but in general you will pay more for the warranty than if you fix problems as they happen.
They are expensive and typically don't cover all the problems that buyer's think they cover. And if you never use the warranty, the money is gone. It's smarter to put the same money into a savings account and use if for repairs if you need it, and if you never need it, you still have the money.
Don't go there, be happy with the 12 month warranty. The extended one ties you to the main dealer or, the garage who issue you with it. Best advice ya gonna get before 2017 bro. I mean Anon. 😉

You need to do some research 1st, but in most car warranties, most people end up being disappointed.

Yup and it's a rip off.

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