Do you like BMW cars?

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I've had several BMWs. All as company cars. They're nice cars but somewhat over rated. The German engineering thing is BS. They are cramped inside and I'm glad I wasn't paying for the servicing.
Only a little. A couple of years ago I was trying to decide between BMW and Lexus. After test drives and online research I went with Lexus and never regretted it.
yes i really like BMW cars. I like BMW 5 Series 1998 in White color V8 Engine.
Love big words:
No actually I hate them. Over priced fashion statement and the repair bills start to become very expensive after 120,000 miles or so. Do yourself a favor and buy volvo or Audi.
Sure, as long as you buy brand new and trade every 3 years.

For used cars, they are well known money pits.

Jackie m:
Yes but very expensive for parts and repairs
Jay P:
Some of them, yes.

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