Do you need the remote wire hooked up for an amp?

Bought a alb10 subwoffer+ amp and I can't get it to turn on but didn't hook up the remote wire because my head unit doesn't have that wire. Is it required for it to work? Can I run it to a manual switch and put it under a fuse in the fuse box? Thanks

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Yes and no. Your amp uses the remote wire like a switch. You can hook up a wire from the remote on the amp to the positive on the amp but it will stay on 24/7. You can however put as you said a remote from the amp to your fuse box… OR you can do as i did and just put a remote from the pos on the amp to a toggle switch and then back to the rem on the amp. This is what i did on my truck so if i see a cop i can just hit a kill switch to my amps.
Remote wire (usually blue) tells your amp to turn on whenever u turn your vehicle over, should of been a short blue wire coming out of the wire harness to your head unit, it gets connected to vehicle make/model specific harness and the remote wire goes from those 2 back to rem spot on amp, usually between ground and power wire
Yes. Without the remote wire the subs do not receive power. It acts as a relay. When I first hooked mine up I forgot that wire. No sound. Checked everything. Plugged in remote wire an boooooom. There's the bass
Yes the remote wire is required because not only does it tell it turn on, but it tells it to turn the volume down or up when you move the nob on your head unit.
Ues u need too add a remote wire
Yea you gotta hook it up to a 12v that only supply power when the key is turned on