Do you think the BMW i8 is a good first car?

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Joseph: not really.

for most people, money is a big factor. a first car should be one that is cheap and easy to maintain.
statistically, you are at a much higher risk of damaging a car when you have less experience so to minimize risk, you should use a cheap car as your first car.
a BMW i8 is not a cheap car to run whatsoever. maintenance on it must be done at specialized BMW dealerships. not all of them are prepared to handle such a car.
taking a car like this to a shop that is not prepared to maintain it is a good way to void your warranty.

BUT, I understand that there are young people who can have a lot of money so my first point can be invalid if someone has enough money to just deal with these issues and difficulties.
If we take the money side out of this, the i8 is still not a good first car.

a good first car should be easy to drive. this means providing ample visibility, a good turning radius and predictable easy handling.
an i8 is a very wide and low car with the engine in the middle and big tires for traction.

it does not have good visibility because of this. the engine being placed behind the driver causes massive blind spots on the vehicle. experienced drivers who are good at keeping track of who is around them will be able to deal with this but a novice driver can easily not see someone and accidentally merge into them.
also, with the car being so low, it can be difficult to see around traffic up ahead. random slowdowns in traffic can easily catch a new driver by surprise if they have no way of seeing this until they are right on top of the slowdown.

the i8 also doesnt have a good turning radius like basically every single mid engined sports car.
sports cars have big tires to give them traction. BMW famously uses very large tires for their cars. this means that the turning radius is greatly affected. a novice driver may struggle around parking lots and tight parking spaces with a car like the i8 because it has such a large turning radius for its size.
im not saying that its impossible to drive and park but its needlessly difficult especially for someone that is just learning to drive.

lastly, and in my opinion most importantly.
the cars handling.
mid engine cars are amazing for their handling. the weight distribution helps you accelerate hard out of corners. the way a mid engined car feels cant be replicated with front engined cars.
BUT, mid engined cars require experience and are not as forgiving as front engine cars.

when driving, you should brake in a straight line before a turn, then actually turn the car. after the turn, you accelerate.
a good driver is able to blend these actions together to maximize the tires performance.
in a front engined car when you enter a corner too fast, the car will generally understeer. it will just plow straight forwards. slow down enough and you can regain control.
mid engined cars are not like this though. changing the balance of the car mid corner can initiate oversteer. the car will want to spin out.
novice drivers often misjudge the speed they should take in corners. a misjudgement like this in a mid engine car is an easy way to have an accident. it takes experience to be able to judge speeds before you enter a turn.
an i8 with its engine in the middle will want to swap ends if you misjudge a corner. for this reason i do not think an i8 is a good first car.
don't get me wrong, you can drive an i8 slowly and never encounter this. but no one buys a mid engine sports car to drive it around slowly. at one point or another, you will want to push its performance and it can be extremely easy to make a mistake.

if you want a first car that is good for novice drivers but is still sporty, look into something more conventional. a Corvette for example. something that is easier to see out of, and much more predictable to drive when you start to push its limits.
if you still want something mid engined, start small. get a Porsche boxter that has less power. take it to track days and build up your experience.
learn how a mid engine car will want to swap ends if you upset its balance mid corner and learn to plan ahead to prevent this.
once you have this experience, an i8 will not be a bad car at all.

the i8 for more experienced drivers is an absolutely amazing car.
it brings awesome levels of technology typically reserved for extremely expensive and rare hypercars to a more affordable level.

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It's not a good troll car so not good for you.
salad torture:
only if you can afford it