Does a pilot that breaks the sound barrier hear the sonic boom?

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yuko: No, a sonic boom is actually a very rapid change in ir pressure that travels in a cone shaped wave. This is why we call it a shockwave. At any point on the aircraft during thr flight, the air pressure is more or less unchanging. At least, it doesn't change rapidly enough for the pilot to hear the boom. Think of it as the pilot riding just behind the sonic boom. He's travelling with it, so it never passes over him. Anyone outside being passed will hear it because the wave actually moves over them. Another way of imagining it is a swimmer. Because he's making the wave with his head and shoulders, as he moves through the water, he doesn't feel the wave. It's moving out away from him. Anybody nearby will feel it pass, though.

Other answer:

The sonic boom is a pressure wave generated by the plane, just like the bow wave of a speed boat. When that pressure wave reaches someone on the ground, they hear it as a boom. It's not a noise made when your surpass Mach 1 because you "broke the sound barrier" – since the plane never crosses it's own pressure wave, no one on the plane hears a boom.
No. The sonic boom is heard behind the plane, and it cannot catch up with the plane, since the plane is traveling faster than the speed of sound.
No. The sound of the boom can't catch the plane.
No He is flying faster than the speed of sound.
The plane may feel the vibration
no he is going faster then the speed of sound
Nope, he is flying faster than the speed of sound at that point.
What he does feel is a slingshot forward, all that pressure of air is released
Angela D:
no. the shockwave is behind the plane.
No it is behind them.