Does a train need to be going fast to kill you?

If a train is going very slow, for example, 10km, and you have your head on the rail, would it still kill you? Or just leave you severely injured?

Other answer:

Nope. And it doesn't have to roll over you.

I can throw a cartridge at you and it may hurt. Little mass, low speed, you wouldn't want to catch one in the eye. But, speed that little mass up, and that little mass which is the bullet, can easily go through you.

A tonnage train is a reverse bullet. Its energy comes from the mass moving much slower. For a few fraction's of a second as you kiss the 2" boiler plate, you are crushed. I know, on home seniority district, a MOW employee caught a glancing blow to the shoulder off the pilot plow at 20 mph by a passing train, and it opened him up like a can of spam.

So, no. The train doesn't need to be moving at high speed to kill you.

J.J.'s Advice / Avis de J.J.:
If it's going very slowly and it merely knocks you over so that you fall flat back between the two rails, not touching either rail and low enough that you don't get scraped by the cars above, then yes, you could escape unharmed. If any part of you is actually on the rail, it will be destroyed by the train no matter what speed.
The Chiel:
Even an empty flat car is going to weigh around 20 tons: that's two and a half tons per wheel. It takes a lot less than that to crush a human skull like a grape. Whether it is moving at a snail's pace or moving at speed is immaterial.
What do you think? Honestly? Doesn't matter how fast its going, a train weighing hundreds of tonnes is going to squish you like a bug.
How stupid are you?
It will kill and definitely kill . even on 1km speed too.
Broke into two body part. No chance to survive.
How stupid are you?
Elyse Rose:
Many rail workers have been killed in very low speed switching accidents. As for how you would fare if a slow moving rail car hit your head when it was on the rail… that depends on how much of your head you can stand to lose.
It will kill and definitely kill . even on 1km speed too.
Broke into two body part. No chance to survive.

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