Does anyone think a late 90s chevrolet pickup truck would have an aux port system?

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yes, from back then when installed in the 90s but only as an aftermarket installation if not originally installed by chevrolet in the 90s, back then there already were radios with an aux port systems on the consumer market for cars and trucks.

of course its possible to add 80s or todays radios in a 90s chevrolet truck but that would then be a 90s chevrolet truck anymore with non-90s radio.

None of them came stock with an auxiliary input. It wasn't a common feature at that time. Some of them were equipped with a cassette or CD player as a separate unit from the factory radio, and if yours has this feature, you can do some customizing to connect an auxiliary jack to the audio signal wires between the two units. Otherwise your best bet is to replace the factory head unit with an after-market one.
You can always install your own stereo system into a car. I'm guessing you mean auxiliary port, if an aux system is something related to the mechanics of a car then I have no idea.
Maybe. If there's an aux button on the unit, there's an adapter somewhere that will plug into the back
Mah Jen Boo:
Um, no. CD was still the main thing back then. the decks was just started being converted into be able to play the MP3 files.
No, not without a custom stereo.
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No way
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You can add that if you want it.
Not me.

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