Does e-ticket get cancel if its in waiting list 18 in sleeper class?

i did e-ticket in sleeper class from tumkur to surat current status is waiting list 18 so does my e-ticket get cancel if it's not confirm until chart done

Other answer:

Wait List E-tickets are automatically cancelled during chart preparation irrespective of class of journey
Yes As per Indian Railways if your Seat is in Waiting list of E ticket after chart preparation , your name drop from chart

and ticket get cancelled , you cn login to irctc site and cancel the ticket by giving appropriate reason ,that name drop from the chart , etc ,

but if the ticket is partially confirmed after chart preparation ,the your ticket not get cancelled ,

1) Name of the passengers whose status is fully confirmed / fully RAC after chart preparation, their names shall appear in
charts & they can undertake their journey.

2) Name of the passengers whose names are partly confirmed/partly waitlist or partly RAC/partly waitlist, their names shall appear in charts including the waitlist passengers.
Cancellation of e-tickets by the customer/Agent through Internet is permitted only before chart preparation of the train.For
any claims on e-tickets to be cancelled after the preparation of Reservation charts, the user has to send an email at the
earliest possible time to giving full details of the ticket and stating the claim,which would then be
processed by IRCTC with the Railway administration offline and refunds as sanctioned by the Railway administration
would be credited back to the user's account.

3) Names of the Passengers who are left out fully(all the passengers in the transaction) on waiting list after chart preparation,
their names will be dropped and will not appear in charts. They are not allowed to board the train. If detected traveling in
the train, they shall be treated as passenger traveling without ticket as per extant Railway Rules.Their cancellation will
be done automatically after chart preparation and refund will be credited back to customer/Agent account electronically.

You can cancel the Wait Listed ticket and get back the refund amount after amount deduction, But for the Confirmed Tatkal Tickets no amount will be refunded.
of course. your e-ticket will cancel automatically if it's in waiting status.Ticket Money will transfer in your account within 7 days. don't worry.
I saw an article the other day about this, let me check my history real fast and I will get back with the link