Does it annoys you when a big 18 wheeler drives in front of you in the highways?

I'll be on the freeway trying to find the right exit and the big rigg blocks me from reading signs.

Best Answer:

Emory Traylor: No. Position your car farther from the truck and you will be able to see just fine. It is not the truck driver's fault that the truck is large and you are following too closely. Those trucks are the lifeblood of our economy. Virtually evry consumer good is transported by them. Everything you eat, wear, touch or use all day long was transported by truck.

Other answer:

Emory Traylor:
YOU! You are the fellow in the little car that drives about three feet behind my horse trailer, trying like crazy to get a load of fertiliser. A little closer and you'll be inside with the horses.

What do you want me and those big rigs to do on a two-lane road? Pull off into the forest and let you by? Drive so fast that we wreck in front of you? Levitate and let you pass underneath?

Yeah, next time I'll levitate. That should do it. Levitate. I'll just pull back on the stick and rise slowly above the runway////// er- I mean road.

Ian K:
Probably not as much as the 18 wheeler you are tailgating.

Remember, you can't see their mirrors, they can't see you.

Then back off until you CAN see what's coming up on the road ahead. You're following too close.
If you can't read the signs it's because you're tailgating the big rig. Which is a real dumb thing to do.
Dan H:
Then slow down and put some distance between you and the truck. Problem solved. You don't have to tailgate.
Trucks can't stay in the left lane, it's the law.
He's doing his job, he still has the job, so probably doesn't cause accidents.
Sometimes we just have to slow down, be patient and be safe.
Happy Gramps:
you do not know how to drive properly if you are driving that close to a vehicle that weighs approximately 80,000 #'s
A thought shared.
If you can't see around him, YOU ARE TOO DAMN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!