Driving a scooter with no drivers license?

I got a ticket for driving a scooter (49 cc) wit no drivers license. All posts say you do not need a drivers license for that offence but I got a ticket. How much of a fine, Etc. will I get?

Other answer:

Are you still in NH? In NH a moped is 2 bhp or less, ,30 mph or less. A 49cc Vespa is a motor-driven cycle, not a moped, and requires a motorcycle to ride legally on the streets. A 49cc Lance is 2bhp/30mph is a moped, and can be used with any class of driver's license. There is no motor vehicle you can ride/drive without any driver's license.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi yes here in the united kingdom you do as only a person with a full drivers licence can legally ride a moped.
Without knowing which jurisdiction you live in, such as state/province/country, there's no way to even guess.

Different places have different laws on such things.

Happy Gramps:
forget about "all posts" – you need to look at the dmv or similar site for where you live to see if a license is required
Obviously the "posts" were wrong. Since you failed to tell us where you live, Your fine will be whatever the fine is in your unnamed location.
I don't care what "all the posts" say… What does the LAW say? THAT is what you NEED to know. The FINE will be whatever the Judge says it will be.