Driving a vehicle to make a delivery, another motorist points towards the back of your vehicle as if something is wrong. What do you do?

what would be the first things that would come to mind?

Other answer:

Points Towards
pull over to the side and check if anything is wrong. it is easy for people to steal things from the back of cars here because the speed limits are so low and a lot of people drive trucks with open backs. it has happened before. they don't care I mean they currently break your window just to steal something with little value like an ipod. some steal rims of course and even entire cars but mainly they will steal your rims
Pull over and check, in a parking lot or something
If I was unarmed out in the middle of nowhere though I'd wait til I got somewhere with more people
Check to see if your cargo door was left open. If it is secure, inspect for any other problem with the vehicle.
Stop,then check your vehicle.
Whatever you do don't stop there and then. This is a common tactic used by thieves to get you to stop.
Keep going until you find somewhere safe (populated) to stop. Never stop in dark isolated places.
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