Driving to New York from jersey do you have to pay tolls coming and going? Last time I drove to ny I don't think we had to re pay?

Someone please answer this

Best Answer:

?: Robert gave you wrong information because Verrazano Narrows Bridge is operated by MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) and connects between Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Staten Island, but New Jersey.

To enter NYC from New Jersey via Bayonne Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing, Bayonne Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, George Washington Bridge, you have to paid toll to exit NJ, but going out into NJ are free.

Other answer:

Pay in exit free
You pay going eastbound and no toll westbound, except on the Verrazano Bridge where you pay the toll going westbound.
You have to pay to get out of NJ, not to get into it. Does that tell you anything?

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