Friend was in a fender bender?

So, my friend was in a fender bender today and I was in the car. This guy came out of nowhere and hit us. Do I have any responsibility in this? Will I be receiving any phone calls? I just don t want to be involved, as it was a tiny little accident.
I'm 18 btw, I just don't want my parents to find out.

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Obi Wan Knievel:
Passengers are not held responsible for car accidents. Ever. You don't have to worry about being sued or anything like that.

And since you were in one of the vehicles, you don't count as an independent witness. That means nobody will call you to ask for your version of how it happened, because everyone knows you'll say exactly what your buddy said whether it's true or not.

You can relax, you have no responsibilities here whatsoever.

As a passenger, you can never be held liable in an accident. As a passenger and friend, you would not be considered a witness, since you would be biased. A witness is someone who is NOT involved in the accident, nor, knows either party. They "might" call you to confirm that you was not injured, but that would be the only reason why.

Now, this is not your vehicle is it? If it is your vehicle, then insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. If this is your car and you was a passenger, then yes, you will be involved. But, if not, you are ok.

Only as a possible witness.

If the other driver disputes what happened the insurance company will ask if there are any witnesses to back up his side of the story. He will say you were there, and you will likely get a call to make a statement about what happened. Just tell them what happened and back up your friends version of events so he can get the claim settled.

You have no financial responsibility for the accident, no matter who caused it.

So, you may be asked to provide details of what happened by your friends insurance company but that is about it. So you have no worry, so a person in the car such as you were is not even considered to be a (reliable) witness. So

So, you were lucky this time, so next time you may not be so lucky, so you may want to re-think being in a place where you shouldn't be. So

So .

If it was your vehicle (or dad's that you were driving with his permission) you will be involved. If not you could be contacted to ask for a statement of facts.

Any reason you don't want dad to know your friend had a minor accident? Assuming it wasn't your car it really won't affect you or him in any negative way.

You might be asked to give a statement to your friend's insurance provider. You should feel comfortable doing so, but are under no obligation to do so. The other motorist's insurer might want a statement as well. There is absolutely no reason why you should have to say a word to them. If they need information they need to work directly with your friend's insurer.
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  firstly, "This guy came out of nowhere and hit us." as in " the Hulk was hiding in the bushes, and he ran out and -Hulk smash- front of car and ran away "

  IF the two owners had to report incident, and it was more than bumper stumper where damages reached hundreds or over thousand, then they would have to file report for insurance and document for police if altercation was apparent, as in conflict,
  IF they both settled for smaller dent event, then no further requirement of everyone would need be involved, that is they agree who is to blame or no fault, and no police, and only insurance,

But, if you or anyone was injured then you would be required to validate incident, cause of pending insurance to any party pertaining to accident secondary to bumper bender as whiplash or emotional distress syndrome, , cause of fake or false claims and fake accident to create insurance adjustments after for repair auto-shop scams. mainly females unknown,


Since you were involved in the accident, your friend's insurance company may call you to get your account of the accident, as well as see if you have any injuries.
Scott H:
You are a witness. You may be asked to give a statement or testify in court if it comes to that.

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