Fuel pump?

I have a 2000 chevy silverado 1500 2wd 4.8 liter. I need a fuel pump but they are all around $250 to buy. Where can I find a cheap fuel pump and how much?

Other answer:

With fuel pumps, you are better off buying OEM or from NAPA. Most of the discount ones do not last very well

If you are doing the job yourself, a trick on a pickup truck is to remove the bolts holding the bed, and with some assistance, lift the bed off of the frame. This way you can access the top of the fuel tank and connectors without having to remove the tank

DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi Not i a month of sundays are you going to find a cheap fuel pump so Time to bite the bullet kid motoring costs money.
Don't be stupid. Just go to Advance Auto and by the right fuel pump. The cheap ones are no good and who wants to drop the gas tank twice?
And of course you are positive you need a fuel pump
done wrenching:
I would replace it with a pump from the chevy dealer, no parts store pump.
Pilsner Man:
$75, rockauto.com

I guess they aren't all around $250, Tiger.

go to a junk yard, i buy all my parts from them.

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