Girls like nissan GTR ?

Or not?

Other answer:

I have never seen a girl driving a Nissan GTR …..
Most girls won't know the difference between a GT-R and a 370Z…. so save your money. They will either think it's the coolest thing ever, or just a Nissan.

Or they might be tire biters looking for your money, or think you are a narcissistic douche bag.

Who is Jack….:
It is a car to most of them. 15 year old's like a Vauxhall Corsa just the same as it gets them a free lift if they say they like it to the driver.
If you think a car is going to get you in the sack with her, you are shallow, and insecure, and use the car to make up for what lacks in your character/personality.
don r:
Girls like what their friends say they should like. Ask them what a "thingy" is and they will always give you an answer.
its a nice car but don't get a car for *****…