Give me 1 good reason why you don't drive stick?

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FlagMichael: I drive Toyota Prius cars, which would be much worse if they had a manual transmission. In a car that does not have direct control over engine speed or even whether the engine is running from moment to moment, a stick would be silly.

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There are a bunch of good reasons:
-I deliver pizzas, so I do a LOT of stop and go driving. It seems like such a huge hassle, and for what? The car can shift itself.
-It requires both hands and both feet, at all times. What if I'm writing something? What if I'm eating?
-Modern dual-clutch transmissions are actually QUICKER and more gas-efficient than a manual.
-What if you go to the wrong gear? You could completely **** it up.

And yes, in case you're wondering, I never bothered to learn how to drive a manual. For the same exact reason I never bothered to learn Russian.

When I learned to drive, my father's car was an automatic. I received his next car, also an automatic, when he stopped driving, due to age and infirmity, and it then became mine.

By that point, it had been close to a decade since my driver's ed course, and the cars I bought afterwards were models with no manual options.

I'm in the UK – we don't use the word "stick" to refer to a car's transmission.
I drive a "manual". Its the same thing, just different language.
My current car never came out with a stick shift option…

Well technically it did, but only for the boring 4 cly models, not the tricked out V6.

Living in heavily populated areas with lots of traffic makes automatic transmission the more practical option. I never drive on the highway.
I do drive a stick shift vehicle.
Because i want to eat burger while stopping and driving on a steep hill
Because I am not driving a sports car.
just don't want to

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