Good first car for 18 year old?

I am going to be getting a car in march 2017, my budget it going to be running around 8,000-10,000 dollars, im looking to lower it, put an exhaust system and put new rims, what do u guys recommend as a good first reliable car? Thanks.

Other answer:

Frankly, you would do better by leaving the car unlowered and with it's stock exhaust. Put the money into buying a newer and in better shape used car.

Good choices would include Ford Focus and Fiestas, as well as Hondas, such as the Fit or Civic, or the Mazda 3.

Dave B.:
Just get a car that somebody else already ruined. Why would you pay money for a good vehicle, and then pay more money on top of that for aftermarket junk? You could get the same vehicle already modified for less money. Let the other guy eat the depreciation of customizing a low-end car.
It doesn't matter how reliable the car is when you buy it. When you lower it, put rims that are too big (and tires that are too small), and change the exhaust, you're going to ruin it anyway. You're going to cause problems in doing this. In addition, you're going to kill your resale value.
Marion C:
toyota or honda, very well built cars compared to others..

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