Got ticket for bold tyre but nothing in post?

Got ticket for bold tyre, well was literally just below the limit.. Been over 2-3 months and not had anything?

Other answer:

I once had a bald uncle named Tyre who was bold.
Big Deal Maker:
That is a fix it ticket and you are to go get the new tire and have the ticket written off by a cop. If not they will be sending you a citation in hte mail and soon.
That's unfortunate but do you have a question?

Bald or bold?

Jay P:
How was the tire "bold"? Did it take crazy chances? Did it speak its mind?

Or did you perhaps mean to say BALD???

Pilsner Man:
Maybe you got lucky, maybe the bill was lost in the Post. You'll find out if you ever get pulled over again.
Mark F:
English is apparently not your first language. I have absolutely no idea what it is you are asking.
do you mean BALD TIRE?