Have you ever seen your old car again after you sold it?

I used to have this one car, but then sold it to the dealer. 2 years later, I was surprised to see my old car as I was driving on the road. The exactly same license plate that I had. I wouldn't have imagined to see my old car again, I thought it would be sold to other states.

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☺: Sold an Acura legend a few years back. Later found another key I had to it so kept it in my purse. About a year later I saw my old car in the parking lot in front of the movie theater. So I opened up the car with the key and put the key inside on the drivers side floor for the new owner to find and locked it back up.

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No, but I live in a large city and wouldn't expect it. I have heard of people seeing their old car 20 or more years later, and in one case, the guy actually bought it back.
Twice. I sold my old Celica to a guy who years later was raving about my old car. And another time where an old mazda with a rear main seal leaking, and it wasn't worth fixing, was also raving about the car. (Oil leak and all)
Seems like half the town here is driving vehicles I used to own. That is not actually a bad idea. All the cars I have owned have been top of the line, low milage vehicles, also well maintained by my staff of 12 mechanics
I did a couple of times, but I don't develop an emotional attachment to cars.
Lol my car is probably worth more as scrap metal than an actual car at this point
Love big words:

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