Hello expert drivers, is 65 mph acceptable on freeways in California :)?

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Micks: Drive the speed limit. If you are on a 70 MPH road and 65 you become a hazard. Roads are built for much higher speeds but limits are set based on traffic. Hence Idaho and Utah freeways with 80 MPH limits that have had no increase in accidents. Conversely, if the speed limit is 60, you'll likely get by going 65 but it could mean a ticket.

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There are no "expert drivers" — just opinions. Some "expert drivers" drive fast, and crash at times. Other drivers drive safely, and their insurance companies rate them as "expert."

I ride the freeways of Los Angeles on a Vespa LX150 — I do up to 65 mph, which is pretty good for a 150cc motor-scooter! That is 65 mph *actual* — a GPS app on my smartphone indicates a max of 65 mph with an *indicated* 72 mph (7 mph over the posted limit.)

In the city:
In light traffic, which hardly happens, I am in the right lane, keeping up with others who do an indicated "5 mph over the limit" but which actually run a hair under 65 mph. Which means I do have to switch a lane to the left to pass slower traffic.
In heavy traffic the freeways slows down, 45-50 if you are lucky, coming down to an total stop at times. At that times my scooter rules the freeways as I split the lanes and average 5-10 mph faster than the four-wheelers.

On Interstate and State limited access highways I am still not the slowest traffic — I keep up with and pass the heavy tractor-trailer rigs. (Getting 75+ mpg!) Outside of the cities the commercial traffic runs no more than 65 mph — limited by companies GPS tracking speeds, and limited by the excessive money that requires more speed.

Bottom line: 65 mph *IS* acceptable on freeways in California.

Actually, the freeways in California were designed for higher speeds than that, and in areas outside the big cities, the speed limits on Interstate highways is 70 miles per hour. The ONLY reason to keep speed limits lower in urban areas is that California drivers seem to enjoy coming to a complete stop in the middle of the freeway for no apparent reason, causing dozens of rear-end crashes every day. If we could only teach the IDIOTS out there that it IS NOT necessary to slam on their brakes every 10-12 miles, then ALL the highways could run at higher speeds with less congestion.
John S:
What do you mean by "acceptable"?

Do you mean "is it within the speed limit"? The maximum speed limit on most freeways is 65 unless otherwise posted. (Veh C 22349.) Most rural freeways are posted with a 70 mph limit. Some freeways within congested cities are posted with a 55 mph speed limit.

Do you mean "will I get a ticket if I exceed the speed limit"? On a freeway with a 55 mph limit you might, though that speed is pretty common anyway.

Do you mean "is it safe"? Certainly on an open freeway in good weather it would be. Otherwise, safety depends upon the road conditions and weather.

We Californians like to enjoy those rare occasions when the freeways aren't jammed. So if you are driving during one of those magical times, go faster than 65. Or else you will be getting in everyone else's way (like SO MANY do).
An expert driver adjusts their speed according to the traffic conditions, road conditions, and speed limit. There is not one speed that is acceptable at all times on all freeways and all coditions.
Pilsner Man:
Yes, but it is usually 1-5 MPH on California freeways.
An expert driver could handle that if traffic was light. I've driven to and from Vegas and seen people doing 90.
boy boy:
at 65 you would be blown off the road in uk ..the limit is 70 on motorways …but only people on way to dentist keep to it ..in france motorways are 81mph ..parts of Germany unlimited ..its strange when we go to America ..all those muscle cars driving like nuns
What is the speed limit. That may be to fast in some places, could be to slow in other places.