Hey so im 14 and my parents trust me but i need a good way of transportation when im hungry i dont have a license so what should i do?

Best Answer:

drew: walk run or ride a bike.

Other answer:

Walk, ride a bicycle, take a bus or get a moped.

Or just tell your parents to make sure there is food in the house that you can prepare easily so you don't have to travel. If you can travel to buy food, you should just buy some food to have at home.

Wander in your house until you find a room with cabinets, a sink, a stove and a refrigerator. That is called the "kitchen" and it is where food for human consumption is found. Find some, cook if needed, and eat.
Master Of Puppets:
You can walk, ride your bike, or take the bus. You cannot drive, so don't even think about that unless you want you and your parents to get into serious trouble.
Doug Freyburger:
Bicycle until you are of age to get a driver license/
Ride your bike or walk. City bus may also be an option.
Always keep some milk and a box of troll cereal in the house for emergencies.
Electric bike super easy not tiring
I walked or bicycled until I was 17. It worked very well.