Homuch do you need to buy a car?

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I sold my old car for $1595. It had a cracked windshield, a broken AC but otherwise was a pretty decent low mileage car for a 94 model. (89,000 miles)
It needed an occasional repair here and there because it was so old but any cheap car is going to need that.

Nowdays, lots of people spend 2-4 times as much for high mileage cars.

As a general rule, the less you spend, the less reliable it will be. You can probably buy cars for $800-1200 that might only last a few months.

I expected my car to sell faster than it did. It took me 7 weeks and I only had one guy serious enough to come see it.

On the other hand, if you have $2000 and want to find a low mileage car, its hard.

Anything below $4000, you're taking a big risk. $4000-$6000 is a good starting point to have a reasonable chance of finding a decent car without spending a huge amount of time looking. Of course, if you can spend more, you can get a newer car, with fewer miles, with fewer potential problems. For cars below about $6000, never buy from a dealer, only from an individual, because it'll only be worth about half of what you pay.
Master Of Puppets:
Depends on the type of car you want and it's condition.

My '01 Ford Taurus cost me about $1,750 last year at an auction. But, you also have to consider what needs to be replaced and how much it's going to cost and if it's worth fixing. When I drove off the lot to the gas station, the car turned off on me as I was making a left turn to the gas station. It turns out the battery was dead. My dad bought a battery from the nearby Autozone for about $110.

When we got home, we realized the front tires where at or a bit below the legal minimum. We bought 2 new tires; another $160. A few months after I bought it, the car turned off as I was driving home. I was able to get into a parking lot and as soon as I entered, it shut off on me. Turned out it was a bad alternator. $170 for another one. Then months later, it was a bad starter; $160. Ball joints where worn out as well, so we replaced them. As you can see, although you might find a car for a "great deal", you have to be weary of any potential problems that may be present or arise sooner or later.

Rick B:
That is like asking how much you need to buy a house, or a boat, or a plane. Depends. Some cars sell for a few hundred dollars, some go for hundreds of thousands.

Once you buy it you must pay for maintenance, insurance, fuel, etc.

Skoda John:
That depends on where you are.
Here in the UK you can get a reasonable car with an MOT ( our annual safety and emissions test) for about $500 equivilent.
I have paid under $200 for a car.
I ran it 3 years then sold it on.
Then we pay an annual tax and insurance on top of the purchase price.
Depends on brand of the car, the best things is save money more than you expected so that you can buy a car.
Love big words:
You need the amount of the sales price, plus fees and taxes. You will also need to buy an insurance policy, pay for gas, maintenance and repairs. Cars are expensive
Buying cars are overrated. Just get a coat hanger, break into the nicest one you see on the street, hop in, and drive like nothing even happened.

Always works, I have over 20 cars at my house because of this and I drive them everyday.

A car that is road worthy and doesn't need a butt load of repairs? Three grand, minimum.
$500 for a piece of junk will start ya off