Honda civic 1997 with 300000km is still good ?

manual trans, 1.6l 300000km

clean little bit rust

Still good for a few years
500$ CAD

Other answer:

Consul the magic 8 ball then toss a coin.

That's what you do any time you buy a $500 car. Maybe it will go for a few more years. Maybe it will drop it's cookies tomorrow.

Having said that, if you are looking at 20 year old / 300,000km cars, then a Honda Civic is probably one of the most likely to keep running a bit longer.

Also, bear in mind that you also have to keep the car maintained, and that can cost more with an old car. You can easily spend more than $500 on routine repairs

That is a tough question to answer mainly because we do not know what the current condition of the car is. You can have a car with that many KM that was well maintained, or you could have a car that was rarely maintained. It is all relative to the owner. A visual inspection of the interior/exterior is a good place to start since I find that a car that is well maintained in those areas leads one to believe that they've maintained it under the hood as well. Take if for a drive and see how it feels. Is the suspension firm? Are the accelerator and brake pedal responsive? Any strange sounds from the engine when operating? This is just a baseline to get you started. It wouldn't hurt to have a trusted mechanic look it over as well. I own a Honda Accord with about this many KM and it has some paint chipping, but it drives beautifully and could be a daily driver.
Dave P:
Take no notice of negative postings. My wife drives a Honda Accord that s the same age as your car. This car has never failed to start.
All that I do, every 6,000 miles I change the engine oil and filter, and replace the air filter. As for expensive repairs that,s a myth. Every 55-60,000 I replace the serpentine (cam shaft ) drive belt and balance shaft belt.
Also the car has never failed the annual compulsory (all cars more than 3 years old) safety check up.
I can't tell you if this particular Civic is still good, but my Civic went to over 372,000 miles. At that point, the odometer stopped working, so I don't know how many miles it finally got to.
No. Everything on the car must be approaching the end of it's life. As a gift, yes. To buy, no.

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