How bad will the trains be on Friday from Leeds to Leicester?

I need to travel home this weekend and I don't want to much time waiting around, any advice 😀

Best Answer:

ARRAN: Why should they be 'bad' on Friday?

As none us have a crystal ball, I would suggest that a couple of hours before you set out you check the National Rail Enquiries website – – to see if there are any delays on your route.

Other answer:

Book a ticket in advance, with a seat reservation. Then you are guaranteed a place, and a seat, on the train of your choice. No-one can be certain that trains will run on time, but there is no particular reason why they shouldn't on Friday.
David S:
Most trains in the U.K. run punctually despite all the media nonsense that suggests the contrary. The biggest problem on Fridays is overcrowding
Define what you mean by 'bad'.
David F:
if you cannot trust your own guess on this subject why trust someone else's guess as no one can fortell with any amount od accuracy