How ca i practice on becoming a mechanic?

Im 13 i want to become a mechanic but my family is poor im gonna be getting a job at the swapmeet to get money for tools and a cheap project car

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angeljuan.h1217: First of all I want to say I think your a really good human to be setting up your future so early in life and not afraid to go about it or ASK questions about how to do it. I knew a guy that Owned an auto repair shop…..but that was back awhile …you know cars today are not like the older cars. You will need a lot of education on computers , not the personal computer but the type one would need for all the car stuff. I think there will still be a call for some of the cars to be worked on just as much as with the tools and taking things apart and putting back together PLUS the computer knowlege …I think your best bet is of course stay in school….and find a mechanic in your area that is a small operation….and see if you can hang around and maybe have someone begin to teach you {after you get tools and a project car}. I know my friend would do that …in fact thats how I met him…I needed to put an engine back together and I had no idea about it ..anyway he let me hang around and when he had time he would tell me what to do …I learned a lot which I have since forgot …but going to school taking the right classes and any kind of hands on training like iv'e spoke of and guaranteed you will learn and get a job for that also ..GOOD LUCK …AND congratulations on becoming a responsible human being at such a young age.

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Take auto shop classes at school.
Pull your dad's car's motor apart and then try to put it back together again
Idont know

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