How did the amtrack train derail?

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?: The NTSB said the train was going 106mph when the engineer pulled the emergency brake, slowing it to 102mph when it hit a curve with a speed limit of 50mph. Laws of physics apply here.

Why it was going more than twice the speed limit for the curve, that's what they are still investigating.

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At this point they know that they were traveling at a speed of 106mph at a turn that has a limit of 50 mph and derailed the train. before they entered the turn at 106 mph the engineer applied full braking and slowed the train to 102mph when the train was derailed in the turn
The Chiel:
I find it amazing that a prosperous country like the USA operates trains at over 100mph without a simple system like the 'Train Protection and Warning System' that we use. This will automatically and irrevocably put the brakes into emergency if a train is going too fast to slow down in time for a speed restriction or red signal.
Rona Lachat:
The laws of gravity and Physics. You study in school and learn.

It will take time to figure it out. The news reporters are not transportation accident investigators. The armchair experts are in their armchair watching on TV.
The real investigators are investigating and will figure it out. Do you really mind if they keep looking to see if anyone else may be trapped under the stuff. Or do you HAVE TO KNOW NOW.

It appears the train was going too fast. NO ONE knows WHY it was going too fast for the curve.

Latest reports say the brakes were on at the time of crash.

Bert Weidemeier:
The NTSB has not yet determined the cause, but the people on the train say there was a shaking noise in the front of the train, and it came off the track when it went around the curve.
The news is reporting that the train was doing in excess of 100 MPH around a 50 MPH curve. Not good. The FRA will be crawling up our azz even more.
The NTSB routinely takes months to thoroughly investigate derailments before announcing the cause.
It derailed because the wheels lost contact with the rails.
I've heard the engineer went to fast on the curve.
The investigation is continuing, the NTSB has said the cause will be track related, equipment related, personnel related or sabotage related.

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