How do I get over a fear of driving?

I'm 23 years old and terrified to drive. I took my first driving class today and it only made me more afraid. There are just so many things that can go wrong. How can I get over this?

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Bubblegum: You Instructor should always drive first so that you are able to observe proper techniques…, steering, left and right turns, braking……Your first lesson is full of information and you won't remember all of it, but you will learn over your following lessons and with practice and time, your skill level and confidence will improve. You will feel overwhelmed at first, but it will sink in over time.
Have fun and learn this lifeskill and be safe out there. All the best to you!
Driving Instructor – Canada 🙂

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I don't know what to tell you that will help.

I was hit head on by a drunk driver, and the result was being pinned in the car for over an hour. I got a crushed knee, split sternum, 7 broken ribs, bruised aorta, and a bunch of other "minor" injuries. They were cutting me out of it, and one of the EMT's said quietly- "Hurry up, we're losing him…"

I couldn't wait to drive again (it was 4 months). I have no fear of driving.

Soooo….I guess it's a personal thing. Talk to a therapist.

Take it very slowly. Start by practicing in secluded areas where there is very little traffic. Or perhaps even large empty lots.
Dimo J:
Damn! Doesn't it SUCK to be not perfect?
Clue — no one IS perfect.
You *will* screw up when driving.
Even after 60 years of experience.

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