How do you call the structure in the middle of an ocean to illuminate ships in the night?

Other answer:

First of all they are not there to illuminate ships at night.

Most of the structures that you are referring to are called Buoys. There purpose is to warn the sips staff of a dangerous area, or to show the ships officers the course of a channel. Some have lights and others do not. They have different colours to indicate on which side of the buoy a the ship should pass, The main colours are red, green and yellow.

The second type of structure is a lighthouse. These are generally located on shore at headlands. There main purpose is yet again to warn ships of dangers and to help them find their position. In some areas the lights from te lighthouse have different colour segments, red, green and white. The red segment indicates a dangerous area, green a safe area and white the main channel area.

Lighthouses and tere lights can be seen for a considerable distance, in some cases up to 30 miles away. Buoys six or seven miles.

Capt. John:
For sure, there is no such thing "in the middle of the ocean". If you are speaking of a "Lighthouse" that shines a light out – it is not for the purpose of illuminating boats – it is for the purpose of guiding the boat safely into the shore's inlet.
light buoy? That is a floating light that marks the way for ships. It is near ports, not in the center of the ocean.
Never count on them. Keep your eyes open all the time. Sometimes they are lit, and sometimes a bouy is not. In all my years of the captain of my small 21 ft.. I always kept my eyes wide open..
A lighthouse.
The moon and stars.
The moon and stars.
A lighthouse.
Harry Buttcrack:
The moon and stars.

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