How do you keep at a steady 40 when driving?

I can never keep a steady number when driving, is this unusual? Or is it something new drivers usually have problems with? What tips can you give for keeping a steady mph for the given speed limit? I usually have to slow down a little, but then I am too slow, so I abruptly speed up.

Best Answer:

Derrick: After time you get a 'feel' of the speed you are travelling to within a couple of miles an hour on the odometer but for newer drivers the best thing is to gradually increase the speed to 40,listen and feel the motion of the car and get in tune with that. It's a bit like Luke Skywalker attacking the Death Star and been told not to concentrate too hard but to "feel the force"!

Other answer:

There are three issues: keeping your foot steady on the pedal, keeping an eye on the speedometer, and making corrections (usually when therev is gradient change).
Cruise Control.
Try keeping the needle between two spaces, such as 40 and 45.