How do you learn how to captain a airbus a380 airplane?

I want to become a captain for a Airbus a380. How do you learn how to do this? Also what are the requirements?

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Two manners to answer your question.

If you want to be a captain of an A380 just get a type rating (after you get a pilot license).
Of course you would have to a billionaire to own a A280 to fly.

To be a A380 captain with an airline is a different answer.
With airlines, your position (I do not say qualifications) is strictly a function of seniority (in USA).
So would take many years being pilot with airlines to become captain, then be captain on A380.

So, be a billionaire and buy yourself a A380, that is the easiest solution.
You can get a pilot license in about 1 year's time, and become A380 captain in a few weeks.

As you see it is not that difficult.
Keep on dreaming. Meanwhile go fly a kite.

A380 Captain
Learning to fly one type of airplane is the same as learning to fly another type of airplane –
All airplanes are a little bit different –
The "size" (or weight) is not a factor for learning to fly an airplane –
Normally you learn to fly small airplanes first…

If you like to know, a "big" 747 is much easier to handle than a small Learjet 20 Series –
But a 747 being large, be careful when you taxi, and KNOW WHERE YOUR WHEELS ARE –
Once on the runway (and in the air) a 747 (or A380) fly like any other planes –

You have to learn to fly different types of airplanes – Is called a "type rating course" –
And of course you have to be a licensed pilot to start flying any type of airplane —
Then take a A380 type rating 5 weeks course as you would do for any other airplane –

Learning to fly the A320 is no different – 5 weeks type rating course also –
Probably about same price or close to it (classroom hours and simulator time) –

Airbus is a company name, so it takes a capital A exactly like Boeing takes capital B –

Zaphod Beeblebrox:
The short of it is that by the time you have been trained, worked your way through several flying jobs so you can qualify to work for an airline that operates such aircraft, and then worked yout way through the copilot seniority list, followed by working your way through the captain list so that you can bid and hold a captains seat on a flagship aircraft such as the A380, you will be at least 55 years old. By that time the A380 will have been retired and be out of production.
Flying A380s is "top of the heap" for airline pilots, one of the "glamour" jobs. Only very experienced and senior pilots will get the job, not some newbie just out of flying school, no matter how many courses they have taken. You will need thousands of hours flying experience before they let you loose in their flagship planes.

But the usual way to get there would be to learn how to fly a Cessna (private pilot licence) Then work up from there. Instrument, commercial licence, multi-engine rating etc. Until you are qualified enough to get a job as a co-pilot flying small regional turboprops. Then carry on working your way up. 20 years flying experience you might get enough experience to by considered for the top jobs.

But there are a LOT of pilots, and only a few A380s. So in reality most commercial pilots get to fly B737s or A320s, because there are 10X as many of them flying.

There is a physical that needs passed, and training . Then to get a job you need flight hours. The cost of this is cost prohibitive for most folks. 95%+ of all commercial pilots are former military. You start on smaller planes and work up. Don't limit yourself to only one plane, that could cost you money in income.
thousand of hairs of flying small planes as you move up to the big one if you started in your 20,s you might be able to fly a air bus by the time your 35. Not kidding
You spend years and years and get hours and hours of experience in other planes, while suffering low pay and crazy hours flying for no-name airlines. And god help you if you ever develop health problems or make any serious mistakes.

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