How do you merge onto a freeway?

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chasvanblom: In less-congested-traffic, I approach the entry after my stop at the intersection. I slowly accelerate to the posted speed of the merging traffic, yielding toward the lane of the merging traffic. – Finding an opening, I slowly merge into the flow, making sure I stay at least two seconds (counting) behind the leading car per each 10 m.p.h. of speed.
I apply the two-second rule that proports that each car-length should allow two seconds of speed in between traffic.

Other answer:

1) speed up to match traffic in the lane you are merging to
2) turn on your turn signal in advance
3) look for an open gap to properly merge in to without disrupting the flow of traffic.
4) Speed up or slow down at a steady pace to line up with merging into the gap.
5) slowly but steadily switch lanes in to the gap you identified.
I speed up to match the speed of the traffic flow and choose my opening so as to pysse off as few other drivers as possible.
L. E. Gant:
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