How do you negotiate the best price for a used car?

I found a car at a used car dealership for $5000. But I only have $4000. How do I get them down?

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That's way too much of a discount to expect on a used car. At best you could expect a 10% discounted price, which would be $4500 on a car with a $5000 asking price. That's assuming the car is actually worth $4500. You can't and shouldn't assume that a seller's asking price is what the car is worth. It might not be.
Take hundred dollar bills and flap it on the table. If they let you leave, they cant sell it for that. And chances are they will.

Why not find a private party selling a similar car ? Their price should be $700-1000 less.

Most dealers charge sales tax which can run between 3.5-10% depending on where you live. And a doc fee which is just extra profit.

I would say you are unlikely to get them to drop 20% of their asking price, but point out flaws in the car (repairs that may need to be done soon) reference their price against others, if you think the price is too high, go hard first but be prepared to back off or walk away
Always be ready to walk away. Dealers put the high price on the windscreen hoping that someone will pay that price. They expect to come down maybe 10-15%.
You aren't going to get them to reduce the price by 20%. You might get them to knock a couple hundred off, but not a grand.
Offer them $4000 including sales tax and registration. If they agree, you have a new car, if they don't keep looking.
Take the $4000 in cash and offer them that
Hillbilly OJ:
If cash in hand doesn't work, you will not talk them down.
Love big words:
You can make an offer
tell them that is all you have, then walk out if they won't come down.

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