How do you release the emergency break on a 2003 ford explorer??????

i accidentally hit it with my foot as i was driving and i dont no how to get it back up??? is there a release or something i can do to release it up? the light on the dash board says BRAKE (!) DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW??? please let me know?!?

Best Answer:

Theresa: Bushings are made of rubber and eventually dry up and crumble a bit, wheel bearings take a lot of wear and tear and just get worn out and an ebrake can not work because you never use it and the cable freezes or they could just be out of adjustment.

Other answer:

push the pedal all the way down and release . if that does not work the release handle is on the left hand side of the steering wheel on the lower part of the dash..just pull it towards you.hope this works for you.
Step on the emergency brake pedal again fast and let go. it's a ratcheting release mechanism.
If there's no lever to pull just step down on the pedal again and it will release.

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