How far do i have to be from the school to get free bus fare?

I'm going to my upper school and I need to know if I can get free travel to my school, the school is about 4 miles away . Is there some way I could get the school bus for free or cheaper because of where I live?

Best Answer:

Amber: The rule in the UK is 2 miles for a primary school, 3 miles for a secondary school, and 5 miles for 6th form (by a safe walking route)

However, if you have chosen to go to a school further from home, when there is a closer one you could have attended, you will not get free travel

Other answer:

It depends on the school.

To be able to get on the free coaches to the school I went to you had to live at least 3 miles away.

I don't think there is a hard and fast rule, you need to contact your local authority and see what they say. I know that where I grew up it was 2 miles, but I know others who get blanket free travel.
John W:
For us, it was the other side of the road, the kids across the street got bus passes, we had to walk, literally past the bus stop, sometimes the bus driver would take pity on us and pick us up along the way.

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