How long does a new car clutch last?

i tend to ride the clutch at light when i know its gonna turn green and since im a new driver i release the clutch too early

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Riding the clutch will drastically shorten it's life. It's really tough to say how long though. I've had clutches that lasted over 150,000 miles. If you want yours to last get rid of your bad habits now. Remove your foot off the pedal between shifts.
It depends upon how you abuse it. A clutch should run 200,000 miles without abuse. It can last as short as 10,000 miles or less. My son bought a Jeep and put a clutch in it. It lasted 3 days and 20 minutes, but he was running with guys with auto transmissions and they would stop on hills and crap.
Should last at least 80,000 miles in city driving, longer if used out of town. If you ride the clutch a lot it will only last 20,000-30,000.
Not very long if you treat it like that.

My old Toyota was still on it's original clutch when I sold it at 275,000 km, but then I didn't ride at the lights

Mah Jen Boo:
well, no one can give you a definitive time frame. but it will last a good 2 or 3 years under normal driving condition.

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