How long does it take to replace an engine on a 2006 nissan maxima?

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Is it a new crate motor it will be so easy and fast if it's a overhaul used motor like me it will be a disaster if it's cheap it is taking me 2 months UNTILL I drive it and find its horrible and they want to now buy another engine ripped out of a pathfinder that is new and it takes another 2 weeks
qualified shop can do it in 4-5 hours. but if its at a shop being done the shop can charge you full labor rate which can go anywhere from 10- 15 hours depending on what that labor rate book says. all legal that's how the shop makes money
4 – 5 hours by an experienced mechanic. A couple of days by an amateur.
I agree with barnes as well
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi so at least a day hard work maybe two. so it will be expensive.
Barnes is about right.

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