How long to walk from terminal 1 to terminal 2?

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At the bus station here in Moosephart, Montana, Terminal 1 is about 26 feet from Terminal 2. Just about anybody should be able to cover that distance in less than a minute.

On most electronic devices, Terminal 1 is less than a couple of inches from Terminal 2, which would make walking unnecessary.

If one was to walk from Terminal 1 at LAX to Terminal 2 at STL, it would take weeks.

Terminal 1 in Chicago to Terminal 2 in Atlanta? Well that would take a very long time.
Rona Lachat:
Heathrow Paris Frankfurt the world is waiting to answer this important question. We want you to make your flight or Bus Connection in Montana.
If it is for Dallas is that Airside behind security or groundside outside the security area.
which airport that woiuld be helpful
thete LAX,SFO, SEATTLE, DENVEr chicago, jfk, lga ewr, dca iad,m atrl, dfw
ALL Thouse airport hace term 1 and 2 1
Who is Jack….:
Newsflash, all airports are different.
which terminal, which airport

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