How long will a car take to travel 23 miles at a speed of 186MPH?

What about at 200MPH? Thank you.
yeah without the traffic lights or anything. Just the car and the road. Also lets assume the road is straight.

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Taulant 1995:
If you divide 180 by 3 that would be about 60 miles an hour or 1 mile a minute so about 23 Minutes
5th grade math. Oh, I'm sorry, you're only in the 4th. So, 23 miles divided by 186 MPH = 0.12 hours, or roughly 7.5 minutes.
Steven C:
depends on traffic lights and the traffic in front, and needing to overtake bikes, let alone pot holes. My suggestion is 7 minutes.
7.41 minutes and 6.90 minutes