How long would it take to go 170 miles on a 50cc scooter?

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actual scooter, actual route. Yamaha Zuma and Kymco People unrestricted and a 50cc scooter in New Jersey common to go 40 to 45mph top speed, Aprilla 50 little hot rods will do 50 and a hair more–and they will cruise at 85% top rpm about 5 miles+ below top speed as long as gas is in tank- so figure 40+ mph cruise, 2 gas stops-maybe 3 for 5 minutes and a open county market road – not interstate – with lights and stop signs favoring the route. 4 hours and 15 minutes at that minimum those conditions. More realistic- 5 hours possible with a bit of luck in traffic. Local scooter campus groups do 50 mile to lunch runs and then come back slightly drunk at times, go on side roads to avoid police, add 20 extra miles to trip, figure to leave at 10:00am and be back by 5:00 pm- that includes the lunch and drinks specials, scooters are mostly with 'moped' license plates with some slightly illegal tuning for a 35 to 40mph cruise.
Candid Chris:
You'll be so bored after riding a 50cc for three hours that you'll turn back at 75 miles, so with that in mind you will go 150 miles in six hours and never get to where you wanted to go. With that in mind you can ride another two boring hours and need to sit in a hot-tub with a six-pack for beer and a bottle of tequila when you do get to where you wanted to go. So the only fun part is the hot-tub and you could have done that by staying home.
About 8 or 9 hours, that includes 5 or 6 15 minute long gas stops.
About 8 or 9 hours, that includes 5 or 6 15 minute long gas stops.
About 8 or 9 hours, that includes 5 or 6 15 minute long gas stops.
In real world riding, you will average about 20 mph. So figure about 9-10 hours.
It will be a real grind…..I know. I have done several 16 hour days with other bikes, and I have done one 12 hour day with my Yamaha 50, plus many 50-75 mile rides with the Yamaha.

If you aren't "hardcore", I would suggest making it either two days, or take several breaks and figure 12 hours.

forever. I would not go a foot on a scooter, let alone 170 miles
Timbo is here:
Non stop, no hills up or down – 6 hours
In the real world – 1 .5 days
This video answers the question but I did the calculations and it says 4 hours if the scooter goes 80