How many horse power does a 1973 small block 350 have?

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1973 was a very bad year for horsepower. If this engine is stock and is in good shape with a 2 barrel carburetor it will develop around 145 h.p. & 255 lb/ft of torque. If it has a 4 barrel it will put out 175 h.p. & 260 lb/ft of torque. More than likely if it has not been totally rebuilt and is stock it has even less that this. Not a good choice to put in any vehicle.
About 170 HP.
Has it been recently rebuilt? If not, not very many. Engines lose compression over time.
depends on the cam ,intake manifold, carburator, out of the factory about 275,
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Please post this in the Automotive section, not here. It has nothing to do with horses.
Scott H:
It depends on the configuration.