How much does a car cost per month?

Including gas, maintenance, oil changes, repairs, and insurance

Other answer:

Your question is impossible to answer since the answer depends on the car, how much you drive, cost of maintenance, gas, and the cost of insurance for you — which itself depends on about 20 different factors.

If you have an older non-luxury sedan that is paid for and that gets good gas mileage, and you don't drive very much, and choose only basic liability insurance for a 25 year old driver, you might get by with $75 a month. If you have a newer car, drive a lot of miles, are less than 25 years old, with a loan and full-coverage insurance, your monthly cost could easily be $1000 and up.

Master Of Puppets:
Wow. What a vague question.

My car cost about $1,750 at a car auction. It's a 2001 Ford Taurus. Nothing fancy. Right after buying it, we had to buy a new battery. About $100. A couple of weeks, a bad starter. Another $150. Then a bad Alternator, another $160. 2 tires where on their last miles, about $200. Fuel filter, about $15, and so on.
Since I'm a new driver, my parent's insurance went through the roof. Add another thousand dollars per year through AAA.

Note: I haven't had to pay for the repairs. My dad is a mechanic and we have done all of them. I just pay for most of the parts.

A Bugatti Veyron costs a couple mil, jut the tires are thousands of dollars. And they get single digit gas mileage. I can't imagine what it costs to insure one, probably about as much as a mortgage on a house.

A Toyota IA costs $17,000 tires are under $100 each, and it gets 40 MPG pretty much all the time. They have a lot of safety features, so they aren't much to insure.

A 1997 Toyota Corolla is under a grand, gets decent mileage, and shouldn't cost much at all ti insure.

You need to be specific about your budget.

Gary B:
WHAT car?

A small, compact car will costs LESS than other cars because they use less gas.
An OLD car will cost less than a new car because your insurance will be less.
A CAR will cost less than a truck because cars get better gas mileage.

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