How much does it cost to get a timing chain replaced in a 98 altima?

Also is it possible for the original engine and transmission to last up to 225,000 miles of well taken care of or it most likely will go out before 225? The car is a gxe model with a ka24e engine and automatic.

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No: Last I heard, Yahoo! Answers DOES NOT work on cars. Maybe you should ask someone who actually does work on cars… like a local auto repair shop.

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Get over this – no one can forecast what the effects of this will be on your beloved Altima. Whatever will be will be. At its age it could go wrong somewhere tomorrow putting it beyond economical repair or it could go on for many more miles or anywhere between.
Give it up – there is no magic formula for you to use to make it last a very long time and no way anyone could possibly reassure you that it will.
You are becoming borderline fanatical about this car lasting or not.
Why do you keep asking this same question over and over again?

The price varies widely, so you should shop around.

For parts, $88 – $171

For Labor, $334 – $708.

Finally, the way you treat cars, it won't be possible to last up to 225k.

As for your current picture, I think you would look better if you shaved.

I know the way I treat it won't. But my question, is if well taken care of could the car last up to 225,000 miles with the original engine and transmission?