How much force does it take for a train to hit you for you to die?

Other answer:

How long does the train driver live to remember your body parts smeared across the front of the train?
Do you need the number of Newtons of energy expended by the train as it it maybe obliterates your body. The amount of energy expended by your flying body as it bounces off the front leaving your horribly injured?

To get a specific answer you need to give your weight and height,your general health. Will you be standing or kneeling. Head up or down. Facing forward or side ways. Standing on one rail or the other. If you are jumping from the platform also needed is the height of the platform the speed you plan on leaping and the distance you go before being hit. It is a very complicated calculation to get the exact amount of force needed.

Depending on how you fall it might just amputate a body part and you bleed to death in a few seconds days or weeks.

This question makes no sense. A train is so massive, it will not stop. It all depends how you get hit, not how much force is behind it.
This will just depend on how much you get hit since the train cannot halt quickly due to its weight.
Very little force.
why? you trying to kill yourself?

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