How much is a 1541 commodore disk drive worth?

Best Answer:

Sky: Oh, probably $10 if it's not working, sold for parts.
Used without cables, probably $30.
Used with cables and manual, probably $50.
New-in-box, never used, probably $150 or more.

Other answer:

Looking at eBay's completed items, it looks like a used 1541 with no box, cables, etc start around $20. New in the box, you might get $100-$150.

The good news is the Commodore 64 enthusiast community is pretty large. There are a couple dozen drives for sale at any given time. Of which, about 60% of the listings actually sell.

It seems like it would be worth the time to sell it. It won't make you rich, but you will walk away with a few bucks and help an enthusiast out.

How much would it cost to throw it in the trash?

You might be able to find some sucker that wants it solely for nostalgic reasons. Don't expect much, though. It's ultimately useless.

NOT A DAMN DIME, Good luck if you can give it away,

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