How much is a supercharger plus installation?

For a 2011 Camaro SS.

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Been There, Done That.: Somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand dollars, installed. NOT CHEAP.

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Been There, Done That.:
In the time it took you to post this question you could have Googled it and gotten the answer to the first half of your question, which is $6000 to $8000. You could also have Googled it with the phrase "installation time" and come up with 10-15 hours depending on brand and model. The installation cost depends on the labor rate in your area, but as good as I am at figuring this stuff out (it ain't rocket science) I'm not clairvoyant and have no idea where you live. Labor rates vary widely around the country, being anywhere from about $70 to $140 an hour.
A lot of money. The one from GM's parts department would cost at least $5000.
Love big words: