How much is this car worth?

85 Sport camaro
305 V8
Iroc Paint job and Hood
New calipers and brakes
Engine Has 70k Body has 120k
Everything works but Ac and No rust
It will need new tires asap though
Im purchasing this for 2500 is this bad?

Other answer:

Sounds like a steal. In good condition the car is worth about $10,000.
I wouldn't believe the miles. But if you did, why did it need an engine after 50k miles ?

Looks like a $1200-1500 car to me. Wholesale I mean.

New paint doesn't add value.

DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi so within the first year it is going to cost an arm and a leg to keep it mobile being such an old heap.
if it drives then yes a very good buy, with little left to do enjoy his every summer . i have not seen one these where i live in the past 15 years.
Fresh paint also!

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