How much money it will cost moving to eruope?

I'm not a citizen or anything so I'm going at this wth risk.

Any ideas on how much it would cost ? Or any tips at all?


Best Answer:

A: First you do not just move to Europe.

You get a Visa to live there. Pick a country and see what you need.

To move about 6 months of regular pay should do it. You need your fare and some stuff.t is not worth shipping most things. The cost is more than to replace when you get there.

You cannot go unless you have a job.HINT you will need a VISA

You will not get paid your first day there. You will need money for rent and transportation to and from work food and utility connections.
$10-20,000 should cover most places.
You are a CITIZEN of Somewhere.

If Stateless you have other issues to deal with as well.

Other answer:

It's EUROPE, not "eruope".

The cost will depend on where in Europe you're moving to and where you are leaving from. Then there is the other little bit of information such as if it's just yourself or your whole family, what you need to ship over to Europe, etc., etc., etc.

Europe's a big place. Which country are you going to? What part of that country? What type of accommodation are you after? Have you got a job to go to? Are you taking your family? How long are you staying? What goods/furniture are you taking with you?
several thousand dollars. do you have a place to live. will you be shipping anything over there. do you have a job.

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